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January 11 , 2005 Signature Series Skull and Crossbones Theme Review - Highly Praised Award
What I liked most about KickButtComputers' work is their intricate detail.

Not a single part of the case was badly designed and poorly constructed.

I invited my friends... and showed them the case, their eyes literally popped open.

The first thing they said was: "Holy Sh..!"

I had to peel [my friend] away from the case...

I REALLY loved the case!

Pictures really do no justice for the sexiness...

... after seeing it in person, I'm not letting this go.

November 20, 2005
ExtremeMHZ Signature Series Drum Theme Review - Extreme Excellence Award
....a company that is set to change the way we look at computers

....excellent attention to detail other company currently offers a custom modded system of this caliber

.......superbly designed...a perfect blend of art and technology...highly unique and fully custom piece of art & technology!

This is one of the few products that truly does impress the minute it is taken out of the box... in fact, when it was unpacked, we could not help but stare at it for about 15 minutes in complete awe

....shows just how dedicated they are in shipping a product that is as
perfect as can be and one that will satisfy each customer on every level

October 14, 2005
GamerGod Signature Series Flame Theme Review'll wish it was your rig...

....a level of detail I didn't know was possible...

Absolutely perfect.

....cables spun and wrapped around perfectly with each other.

This is truly an eye catcher...

They're artists in the mod world and trend setters in this fast growing

September 29, 2005:
Boxgods Signature Series Flame Theme Review - Worship Worthy Award

....most impressed with the value...

....(I took it out of the box) after I recovered from the shock and awe enough to wipe up the drool [Seeing Flame Theme for the 1st time] was like... ...having a super model in a bikini waltz in and pat you on the ass

The sheer number of options available to customize your machine are awe inspiring... the multitude of options they provide for each build out with their genuine love of modding...

The term "Pre-Mod" is bandied about by serious modders with more than a bit of contempt... but I honestly think (that) where KickButtComputers is concerned, the term doesn't apply.

I now have a machine that oozes personality!

....almost a 10% bump in my 3D Mark 05 score.

Yes, I would spend my money on a system from KBC". My experience from the moment I got the first email from my Build Advocate right through to opening the box and being floored by my personal, BEAUTIFUL machine, the value just kept growing.

September 21, 2005:
Phoronix Signature Series Combat Theme Review - Editors Choice Award

"...we were simply in shock to say the least"

"...until we had the chassis in our hands, we hadn't realized just how bad ass the system really looked"

"...the attention to detail and build quality was simply among the best we've ever seen"

"...[it] is so dramatically jaw dropping that even still while looking at this item first hand it still seems to be so unreal."

"Overall, we were most impressed by the attention to detail."

"...there really wasn't any area of the case that we hadn't enjoyed for its stunning appearance"

"In nearly all aspects, we were blown away by what KickButtComputers had presented to us in terms of appearance, and performance"


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