RealTek ALC850 AC'97 7.1 Channel Audio




Featuring four 16-bit two-channel DACs and a stereo 16-bit ADC, the ALC850 is an AC'97 Rev 2.3 compatible multi-channel audio CODEC designed for PC multimedia systems. The ALC850 incorporates proprietary converter technology and fully meets performance requirements for PC99/2001 systems.

Four pairs of stereo outputs, with 5-bit volume control and multiple stereo and mono inputs, along with flexible mixing, and gain and mute functions, provide a complete integrated audio solution for PCs. The digital interface circuitry of the ALC850 operates from a low-power consumption 3.3V power supply.

Two integrated 50mW/20ohm headphone audio amplifiers provide high-quality personal audio listening. Utilizing Universal Audio Jack® technology, Line-In and Mic-In can also serve as Headphone-Out with an amplifier advantage.

The ALC850 integrates an on-board dual PLL clock generator (14.318MHz and 24.576MHz), saving the cost of a 24.576MHz crystal. A PCBEEP generator is built-in and can be programmed by the BIOS to generate POST beeps without a buzzer. S/PDIF input and output functions are also supported, offering easy connection of PCs to consumer electronic products such as AC3 decoders/speakers, and mini disk devices.

The ALC850 supports host/soft audio from Intel ICHx chipsets, as well as audio controller-based VIA/SiS/ALi/AMD/nVIDIA/ATI chipsets. Bundled Windows series (98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and Linux drivers, EAX/Direct Sound 3D/I3DL2/A3D compatible sound effect utilities (supporting Karaoke, 26 types of environment sound emulation, 10-band equalizer), HRTF 3D positional audio, and Sensaura™ 3D (optional), providing an excellent entertainment package and game experience for PC users. In addition, the ALC850 is embedded with an impedance sensing capability to detect when a device has been connected to input or output jacks.

  • Meets performance requirements for audio on PC99/2001 systems
  • Meets Microsoft WHQL/WLP 2.0 audio requirements
  • Eight-channel DA converter (48KHz)
  • Stereo AD converter (48KHz)
  • Complies with AC'97 Rev 2.3 specifications:
    • Jack sensing on Front-Out, Surround-Out, Cen/LFE-Out, Surround-Back-Out, Mic-In, Line-In, and Front-Mic-In
    • Clock input support options:
      • 14.318MHz PLL (may be set to 24.576MHz) to eliminate crystal
      • 12.288MHz BITCLK input
    • Integrated PCBEEP generator
    • Interrupt capability
    • Page and analog Plug & Play registers
  • Three analog line-level stereo inputs with 5-bit volume control: Line-In, CD, Aux
  • High-quality differential CD input
  • Two analog line-level mono inputs: PCBEEP, Phone-In
  • A dedicated stereo Front-Mic input for front panel applications
  • Line-In, Aux, and Mic-In can be shared with Surround-Out, Surround-Back-Out, and Cen/LFE-Out. (FlexJack®)
  • +20dB boost preamplifier for Mic input
  • Both Front-Out and Surround-Out integrate 50mW/20ohm amplifiers
  • External Amplifier Power Down (EAPD)
  • Power management and enhanced power saving features
  • Stereo Mic record for AEC/BF application
  • Supports Power-Off CD operation
  • Adjustable VREFOUT control
  • Supports 48KHz S/PDIF output
  • Supports 32K/44.1K/48KHz S/PDIF input
  • Three Universal Audio Jacks (UAJ®): Front-Out, Line-In, and Mic-In
  • Six Jack Detect pins for automatic jack sensing
  • Power support: Digital: 3.3V; Analog: 3.3V/5V
  • Standard 48-pin LQFP package
  • EAX™ 1.0 & 2.0 compatible
  • Direct Sound 3D™ compatible
  • A3D™ compatible
  • I3DL2 compatible
  • HRTF 3D positional audio
  • Sensaura™ 3D Enhancement (optional)
  • 10-band Software Equalizer
  • Voice cancellation and key shifting in Karaoke mode
  • AVRack® Media Player
  • Configuration Panel for enhanced user experience
  • Multimedia PCs
  • PC games
  • Information appliances (IA)
  • Voice recognition
  • Audio conferencing
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